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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ear instrumentation?

Instrumentation is a method of removing wax using an instrument. This may be appropriate if the wax is at the outside of the ear canal. The clinician will ensure they have direct vision into the ear canal by using a headlight, loupe glasses or a microscope.

I can’t get to your clinic - do you do home visits?

Yes, home visits can be arranged - costs start at £70, dependent on location.

Is irrigation the same as ear syringing?

Ear syringing used to be carried out with a metal syringe, now the process of removing wax with water is carried out with an electronic irrigator, which has a controlled pressure and is referred to as ear irrigation.

Why do I have ear wax?

Wax is a natural substance found in the outer ear. Wax is important because it protects the ear in several ways;
• It acts as a barrier preventing dust, hairs and foreign bodies from getting into the ear.
• It is bactericidal so helps protects the ear from infection
• It is a lubricant so keeps the outer ear moist and prevents dryness.

What if you can’t get all my wax out at once?

Occasionally, ear wax may be too hard to remove at the first visit. If this is the case, the patient will be asked to instill more olive oil and another consultation will be arranged at no extra cost.

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